Audio Dynamix Atom V3 Review – ADX Atom V3 Review

The Audio Dynamix Atom V3 is a brilliant Bluetooth speaker that was originally designed as an improved version of the Audio Dynamix Atom V2. Thanks to a seamless audio performance and a nice set of extra features, the ADX V3 has become a solid option in its own right and offers excellent value for money.

Audio Dynamix Atom V3

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What’s in the Box

Audio Dynamix ships the V3 in a box that contains the speaker unit, a regular USB charging cable, a 3.5mm AUX cable (it’s on the back of the speaker), a user manual with setup instructions and a dark grey faux suede pouch for easy transport and protection when not in use. As with other ADX speakers we’ve reviewed, the items always come well packaged and secured.

Audio Dynamix Atom V3 Design

Sleek, uncluttered and stylish: these are the defining characteristics of the Atom V3. The first thing you’ll notice is the build quality, it’s remarkably solid but yet still very lightweight and easy to transport, the main enclosure has been made with a special type of aluminum (the same material used in aviation) and has a brushed metal finish. Nothing budget about the build.

ADX Atom V3

Viewed from the front, the Atom V3 has a very simplistic design with a grey speaker grille covering about 95% of the surface area and a centred ADX logo. Behind the speaker grille are the 2x50mm LT drivers, the 2 optimised bass radiators are located at the bottom of the speaker.

At the rear of the speaker you’ll find the USB charging port, a 3.5mm cable neatly housed in the speaker itself and the AUX in socket. There’s a total of 7 control buttons on top the speaker; these include the power button, previous track, next track, play/pause, volume down, volume up and the equalizer preset button.

Although at first sight it’s not obvious which button activates the equalizer, a quick glance at the user manual should give more details on using this feature, it has a range of pre-set options so you can easily adjust sound output to your liking.

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Audio Dynamix Atom V3 Audio

On the hardware side it is worth noting that the V3 comes with extra-wide drivers (2x50mm), which are fitted with special magnets for clean and distortion-free sound. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, each driver in the Atom V3 is housed in a separate enclosure which results in pure and clear sound.

Dedicated bass radiators have also been fitted – and you can definitely hear and feel the difference when compared to the V2 or other older models. The Atom V3 also boasts an improved amplifier for truly powerful sound. Noise cancellation and enhanced audio quality on compressed files complete the audio features list.

Audio Dynamix Atom V3 Bluetooth Speaker

Audio Dynamix Atom V3 Battery Life

Battery life is another aspect where the Atom V3 excels. This Bluetooth speaker unit comes with a high-capacity (4,400 mAh) lithium battery capable of delivering a total playback time of up to 20 hours. During testing, I managed to squeeze 20hours and 13minutes at 70% volume from a full charge – anything over the manufacturer’s specs is always a good thing in my book.

Battery life is even longer if you don’t use the Bluetooth function, plug the speaker into a non-Bluetooth enabled device using a 3.5mm cable and you’ll get up to 35 hours of continuous playtime.

Audio Dynamix has equipped this speaker with a dual power supply mode, a truly useful feature which means you can use your speaker while it is being charged, this is something even some of the much more expensive brands don’t allow.

Audio Dynamix Atom V3 Connection Options

Pairing is quick and reliable thanks to the V3’s Bluetooth 4.0 profile, which comes with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) for faster data transfers and vastly improved audio quality.

A CSR8635 chip is there to ensure high-quality audio streaming. Maximum range is listed as 65 feet, and this was accurate when tested indoors, as I was able to answer hands-free calls at a range of 60 feet without experiencing signal drops or crackling.

ADX Atom V3 Speaker

Audio Dynamix Atom V3 Main Features

Superb audio quality– Dedicated speaker driver enclosures and 20 Neodymium magnets result in rich audio output across all frequencies.

Top-of-the-range battery life– Up to 20 hours of wireless playtime and 35 hours if connected via a 3.5mm port, plus the option of using the speaker while it’s charging: clearly a step above the competition!

Pre-set equaliser function– All music should not sound the same! Just press the equalizer button (M) and select the perfect balance for your favourite genre.

Long rangeThe ADX Atom V3 holds a reliable connection at a maximum range of 65 feet, more than enough for most indoor and outdoor settings.

Hands free function – If you receive a call while connected to the Atom V3 you can press the play/pause button to accept the call or if you want to reject the call just hold down the same play/pause button and the call will be rejected.

Audio Dynamix Atom V3 Specs

Dimensions 19cm x 8cm x 5.5cm
Playback Time Up to 20 Hours
Battery Capacity 4400mAh
Battery Charge Time 4-6 Hours
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Call Handling Yes
Wireless Range 20+m


If you are looking for a mid-range Bluetooth speaker that comes with a few high-end additions, the ADX Atom V3 will most definitely suit your needs. This Audio Dynamix gadget offers optimal portability, top-of-the-line specs and a rewarding listening experience. The only thing missing in my opinion is NFC functionality, I’ve gotten use to the easy (lazy) way of connecting my devices – but that’s just me.

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  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Audio Quality
  • Price


The ADX Atom V3 Bluetooth speaker offers optimal portability, top-of-the-line audio specs and a rewarding listening experience. Another quality yet affordable Bluetooth speaker from Audio Dynamix.



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