Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Review – ADX Clarity 2 Review

The Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Bluetooth speaker is a compact and easy to transport Bluetooth speaker that was designed to be truly “waterproof” and not just splashproof. Its IPX7 waterproof rating means you can take your speaker to the beach or pool without worrying about it getting damaged, you can even submerse it for a short time.

Audio Dynamix Clarity 2

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1Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Unboxing

Like all the other ADX speakers we’ve reviewed in the past, packaging is always first class. Upon unboxing the ADX Clarity 2 you’ll find:

  • The Clarity 2 speaker
  • The user manual with setup instructions
  • A micro USB cable for charging
  • A 3.5mm audio cable
  • A drawstring carry bag

2Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Design

Audio Dynamix have redesigned the original Clarity model with a focus on improving portability and aesthetics. The result is the Audio Dynamix Clarity 2, which stands out in terms of its slim and trendy design. This Bluetooth speaker has been presented by Audio Dynamix as the world’s slimmest Aluminium IPX7 portable speaker, and it’s indeed hard to argue with that considering that it’s just over 1 inch thick. Total dimensions are approximately 7′ x 3′ x 1′.

ADX Clarity 2 Speaker

ADX has also removed the sharp edges of the previous Clarity model and replaced them with round edges. This type of curved design makes for better acoustics and also serves a functional purpose, as it offers improved grip and drop protection. The enclosure is made of durable plastic in a silvery brushed finish, and is topped with high-end aluminium on the front grille and on the back.

As in the previous Clarity model, the micro USB and AUX charging ports are placed on the side, the only difference is the ADX Clarity 2 incorporates a protective rubber cover to keep water out . The function buttons have also been redesigned and now consist of 4 touch buttons that are set on a thin silicone panel for a more modern appearance.

The track skipping and volume buttons on the Clarity 2 are multi-functional,  long press adjusts the volume while short pressing skips and rewind tracks. Lastly, the ADX Clarity 2 portable speaker comes with a leather handle for even better portability and what’s more impressive is that the speaker doesn’t move around while standing.

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3Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Audio

ADX Clarity 2 Bluetooth Speaker

On the audio performance front, we have to give a thumbs up to Audio Dynamix for managing to create a tiny portable speaker that delivers excellent acoustic performance. In this speaker unit, smart design concepts and quality audio hardware work seamlessly together.

For example, the logo has been moved from the front grille to the top panel (next to the control buttons), which means that pretty much all of the front panel is now available for sound release. Total audio output is 10 Watts, and frequency range has been brought down to 75Hz (from 80Hz in the previous model), making this speaker much more responsive to bass notes.

Adding to this are a pair of 40mm long-throw drivers that help minimize distortion and support the typically longer wavelengths of bass, as well as the passive subwoofer and digital amplifier, which are pretty much standard in most ADX speakers.

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4Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Battery Life

This speaker is fitted with a 3.7V lithium polymer battery designed to keep the speaker lightweight and portable while offering improved performance at a wider temperature range (from -20ºC to 60º C). The initial charge may take up to 5 hours, but if the battery is not completely depleted you can easily recharge the unit in under 3 hours.

Battery life ranges between 8 and 10 hours depending on volume levels and of course the type of connection you use. My own testing yielded just over 9 hours when used at 70%. Not the longest battery life but still good enough for me to get through the day.

5Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Connection Options

In this speaker, Bluetooth 4.0V technology does not only offer stable connectivity, but also contributes to better battery management and improved energy efficiency, as this profile will switch itself off after a period of inactivity (approximately 15 minutes).

Bluetooth pairing does not require typing in any code, so all you need to do is activate it and you are ready to go. Once paired, the speaker supports a connection over a maximum distance of 30 feet. Wireless NFC and wired connections are also available.

Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Bluetooth Speaker

6Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Main Features

Compact design for superior portability: the ADX Clarity 2 is just over 1 inch thick – the slimmest IPX7 Bluetooth speaker around at the moment. Easily fits in your pocket.

Truly waterproof: A high waterproof rating (IPX7) makes the Clarity 2 ideal for use in wet or outdoor environments. It can even be submerged for a short period of time.

Built-in mic: Hands-free calling function fully supported. Easily take calls and it can even be used with Skype and other VOIP applications.

Multiple connectivity options: Bluetooth, one-touch NFC and wired connections supported. Pretty much all audio devices can be connected.

7Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Specs

Dimensions 7x3x1 inches
Speaker 10W (2x5W)
Playback Time Up to 10 Hours
Battery Capacity 2000mAh
Battery Charge Time 3-5 Hours
Bluetooth Version v4.0
Call Handling Yes
Wireless Range 10m


Ergonomic design, potent sound, and enough battery life to get you through a full day of playback are the main selling points of this ADX Bluetooth speaker. If stylish design and portability matter to you, you will find the ADX Clarity 2 hard to fault. You can pretty much take this anywhere you want, wet or dry – the ADX Clarity 2 can handle it all.

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  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Audio Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Price


An extremely lightweight and portable speaker that's safe to use near water. The ADX Clarity2 has a more than generous battery life to keep your music going no matter where you are.


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