Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth Speaker Review

This Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth speaker review features a very big and bold portable speaker that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention before it’s even switched on. It’s an 11W portable speaker that has an 8 hour battery life when used at maximum volume, a wireless range of 33ft and a built-in FM radio to play your favourite local radio stations.

Aukey SK-M18 Review

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At first glance the Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth speaker doesn’t look like your typical portable speaker – but I can guarantee you this is as lightweight and easy to transport as any of the other portable speakers we’ve reviewed so far. Over the past few weeks we’ve done quite a few Aukey Bluetooth speaker reviews and I must say this one really does stands out from the rest of them.

2Design and Build Quality

Aukey has taken the design of the SK-M18 in a totally different direction to what we’ve seen in most portable speakers on the market today, while its overall cylindrical shape is nothing new – the actual size of the speaker is quite remarkable. Standing upright, the Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth speaker is 10 inches tall, 5.5 inches across its diameter and it weighs 46oz- that’s not a typo it really is 10(H)x5.5(D) inches and weighs 46oz.

Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth Speaker

Aukey SK-M18 Front View

The front of the speaker has a fine aluminum speaker mesh with a plastic control panel running across the center, the control panel consists of (from the left) an AUX port, a Micro USB charging port, the microphone, a thumb wheel volume control, the on/off switch, the previous track/volume down button, the next track/volume up button, the play/pause button and a mode selection button to toggle between Bluetooth playback and radio mode.

At the back, there’s a plain black speaker mesh identical to the one in front but without the control panel – the perforation holes are just big enough for you to see the 2x2W drivers (front) and the 7W subwoofer (back). The entire body is made from a very hard plastic material except for the grey rubber rings at the top and bottom.

Aukey SK-M18 Portable Speaker

Aukey SK-M18 Rear View

The Aukey SK-M18 speaker was designed to be used in the horizontal position, so they’ve included four stand-offs (two at the front and two at the rear) to stop the speaker from rolling around. For added portability they’ve also included a black leather carrying strap – this compliments the matt black finish of the speaker quite nicely. Overall, the build quality is superb – I definitely don’t see this breaking anytime soon.

3Aukey SK-M18 Testing

As normal the first thing we tested was the Bluetooth pairing process, this was almost instant – I just needed to switch the speaker on and my Samsung Galaxy S6 picked up the signal straight away. I’ve had a quick look through the Aukey SK-M18 manual and it says that the maximum range is 33ft – which is pretty much standard for wireless speakers these days. I’ve been using this speaker for the past few days and I haven’t had any problems with the Bluetooth signal at all, even when used in different rooms.

Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth Speaker

The next thing on our testing list is the sound quality, you might think that because of its size the bass would be really good. Well, I can proudly say that the bass is very good compared to some other Bluetooth speakers at the same price point. Personally, the maximum volume was slightly disappointing for me – I would have loved it if there was just a bit more. It is quite loud in its own respects but for its size I was expecting a bit more.

On the other hand, the overall clarity was very impressive. With some other portable speakers we’ve tested, the quality reduces dramatically when the volume increases but with the Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth speaker there was no muffled or high pitched sounds when we tested it at maximum volume.

The overall clarity was very impressive, no muffled or high pitched sounds when we tested it at maximum volume.

Aukey claims that this portable speaker can give up to 8 hours at maximum volume once it’s fully charged, my test came pretty close at 7 hours 39 minutes – just a bit short but not bad at all. The one thing I didn’t like was the charging time, it takes well over 7 hours to charge the 3000mAh battery – might be better off leaving it to charge overnight.

Using the radio was a bit of a hit or miss for me, the manual says you can use the AUX cable to improve the radio signal but for me it just didn’t work at all without the AUX cable. This was a bit disappointing because I’ll have to go look for a cable everytime I want to listen to the radio.


I’m really pleased with the Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth speaker, I like the fact they’re not afraid to throw something different into the portable speaker market. The speaker itself is a very powerful and well made device which would make a great addition to any backyard get together.

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Disclaimer: The Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth speaker review sample was given to me free of charge for my honest review and opinions. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and it’s in no way influenced by the maker of this product.

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A very well built portable speaker for those who want something a bit different in terms of design. The Aukey SK-M18 Bluetooth speaker with its big and bold design will definitely turn a few heads at your next party.


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