Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running

My selection of the best Bluetooth headphones for running. As a person who runs a lot, I can tell just how annoying it gets when your headphones constantly fall out during a session. What’s worse, it can easily break your concentration and focus when you have to stop and fiddle with your headphones every 30 seconds.

it can easily break your concentration and focus when you have to stop and fiddle with your headphones every 30 seconds.

Over the years I’ve tried and tested many headphones for my running session at the gym, I had the good ones, the bad ones and the ones that don’t even make it through the first session without ending up in the bin. The list below will highlight the two best Bluetooth running headphones I’ve stumbled upon so far:

1. Skullcandy XTFree Bluetooth Headphones for Running


The Skullcandy XTFree is without a doubt one of the best wireless headphones for running on the market today, it’s super lightweight and has an average playback time of up to 6 hours, more than enough to get you through your running sessions at the gym. Here’s a quick look at its main features:

Extremely lightweight – The Skullcandy XTFree wireless Bluetooth headphones were designed specifically for sportsmen and women. With that in mind, Skullcandy has designed these running headphones to be extremely lightweight by adding the Bluetooth functionality directly into the ear buds, eliminating the need for extra bits and pieces. Smart move.

Sweatproof Design – It’s no secret that running equals sweat and sweat doesn’t go well with technology. The sweatproof design of the Skullcandy XTFree headphones means the earbuds won’t succumb to moisture damage from sweat or even rain.

Secure fit everyime – Designing a pair of wireless headphones for running would be pointless if it didn’t offer a secure fit everytime. The Skullcandy XTFree headphones uses a combination of 3 different types of technology (FitFin, StickyGels, Fix) to ensure the headphones stay securely in place while running.

Call handling – Taking calls while using these headphones is a breeze thanks to the built in mic, just press the middle button to answer and end calls. There’s also the option to switch audio tracks directly from the earpiece so you won’t need to take your mobile out.

2. Morul U5Plus SoundBuds Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Morul U5Plus SoundBuds Bluetooth Headphones for Running

Quality wise, the Morul U5Plus SoundBuds are definitely up there with the best Bluetooth running headphones I’ve come across. Connecting to this headphone is as easy as it gets thanks to its built in NFC functionality, just tap and wait, then you’re connected.

Audio playback on the Morul U5Plus can’t be faulted either, Bluetooth 4.1 with APTX technology ensures a smooth and crisp audio experience every time. Here’s a quick look at some of the stand out features of these running headphones:

IPX7 waterproof ratingAn IPX7 rating means that these U5Plus SoundBuds are fully waterproof and can withstand submersion of up to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.

Up to 8 hours playback – A single charge of this Morul U5Plus wireless headphone provides up to 8 hours of continuous playback. A full recharge usually takes about 2 hours.

Call handling – The built-in mic and noise cancelling feature helps to provide a crystal clear voice communication experience.

On ear controls – Skipping/rewinding and adjusting volume can all be done from the earphone itself so there’s no need to fiddle or take your mobile phone out your pocket to adjust anything.

While there are obviously hundreds of other Bluetooth headphones for running, these are the two I can vouch for as I’ve had really good experiences with both of them.

The Skullcandy XTFree was about twice the price of the U5Plus SoundBuds and the audio quality was marginal, but the build quality of the Skullcandy XTFree was very noticeable. All in all, two of the best wireless headphones for running.

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