Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers UK

A Bluetooth shower speaker is the perfect option for those who want to take their music into the shower, these will provide an easy and effective way for you to keep your mobile phone safe and dry while you stream your favourite tracks. It can be a bit difficult to find the best Bluetooth shower speaker at the moment due to the sheer volume of products on the market.

Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers uk

The one good thing about this is that you can pick-up some of the top rated Bluetooth shower speakers at very reasonable prices, here we’ll highlight some of the most popular shower speakers you’ll find in the UK along with a few buying tips and considerations to help you find the best Bluetooth shower speaker for your needs.

Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers UK

ImageSpeaker NameIP RatingBattery LifeWireless RangeMounting OptionMicrophone
Best Bluetooth Shower SpeakerAnker SoundCore SportIPX710 hours10mHanging strapYes
Bluetooth Shower SpeakerAPIE Bluetooth SpeakerIP658 hours10mHanging strapYes
Audio Dynamix Clarity 2 Waterproof Bluetooth SpeakerADX Clarity 2IPX710 hours10mHanging strapYes
Sharkk Bullet Bluetooth Shower SpeakerSHARKK BulletIPX58 hours10mHanging strapYes
VTIN Wireless Shower SpeakerVTIN CuberIP678 hours10mHanging strapYes

Anker SoundCore Sport


This portable shower speaker boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating, making it thoroughly resistant to water, dust, and sand. It delivers high-quality sound through its 3W driver and passive subwoofer that uses anti-clipping technology to ensure distortion-free music.

And with a 10-hour playtime on a single charge, coupled with a wireless connection range of up to 33 feet, you’ll find it difficult to want to finish cleaning yourself. On top of all of that, it also has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling should the need arise.

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APIE Bluetooth Speaker


This powerful little speaker will give you 6-8 hours of uninterrupted, quality sound in a 13.75-ounce package. Its 5W driver delivers an impressive volume and crisp, clear audio that hit those soaring highs as well as those deep, thumping lows on all of your favorite tracks. The dustproof and waterproof design gives it the well-deserved IP65 rating that makes the APIE perfect for any environment you put it in, including inside the shower.

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Audio-Dynamix-Clarity-2-Waterproof speaker

Touted as the world’s slimmest aluminium waterproof speaker, the ADX Clarity 2 is as small as it is loud. With two 5W RMS Digital Amplifiers combined with two 40mm long throw drivers and a passive subwoofer, this Bluetooth speaker can fill up any kitchen, living room, and pretty much any room you decide to put it in. The IPX7 waterproof rating makes it perfect for indoor shower use, and the 10-hour battery life will ensure it lasts long on a single charge.

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Sharkk Bullet Shower speaker

As to be expected from SHARKK, the Bullet has a rugged and solidly built design that makes it waterproof against mild rain and dust and gives it its IPX5 rating. The 6W passive subwoofer encased within delivers amazing sound quality, perfect for any room and occasion, and the included strap makes it especially convenient for shower purposes. It is compatible with any Bluetooth-capable devices and can run continuously for up to eight hours on a full charge.

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VTIN Cuber

Vtin Cuber wireless shower speaker

Available in three different colors, the VTIN Cuber boasts an IP67 waterproof rating that makes it perfect for use in the shower or outside, regardless of the weather and environment. The 5W driver uses A2DP technology to provide high-quality sound and strong bass without distortion, and the built-in waterproof mic uses noise-reduction to filter out any ambient noise, giving you crystal clear speech.

As if all of that wasn’t enough already, the Cuber also features Bluetooth 4.0 technology to give you faster pairing and supreme performance up to a range of 33 feet.

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker Buying Tips

IP Rating – before choosing any waterproof Bluetooth speaker whether it be for the shower, poolside or just to take out and about – always double check the IP rating for the speaker. Ideally you should always go for a waterproof speaker with the highest water protection available.

Battery Life – Chances are you’ll use a shower speaker for about 10-15 minutes at most each day so you won’t need a huge battery life, this will just make it heavier. Anything over 2000mAh should last you well over 2 weeks.

Wireless Range – Depending on how your home is situated you’ll need to consider the range on the speaker, if your bathroom is relatively close to where your mobile phone sits – the standard 10m on most wireless shower speakers should be fine otherwise look for one with a better wireless range.

Size and Weight – A functional speaker should be lightweight and have a very small footprint. If its too heavy chances are it will fall off the suction-cup mounting very often. This can be very annoying especially when you’re sleeping and it falls off.

Mounting Option – There’s generally 2 options here, the suction-cup mounting that sticks to your walls or shower tiles and the hanging strap. For me, the hanging strap has always been the better option. The suction-cup falls way too many times and if you manage to get a good grip from it – it will be difficult to remove for charging as opposed to the hanging strap.

Speakerphone – Before any product can claim to be the best Bluetooth shower speaker it must have a built-in speakerphone. This is pretty self explanatory – the speakerphone will allow you to take calls while you’re in the shower.

Summing up

Hopefully, the tips above have helped you to narrow down the best Bluetooth shower speaker for your needs. As always, if you require any additional help or information on any of the products please leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to assist you in finding the best Bluetooth shower speaker for your needs.

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