Best Bluetooth Speakers under £100 UK

Bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their excellent sound quality and the convenience of being able to stream music in different locations. Previously, the high cost excluded some people from enjoying all the benefits that these speakers provide.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 100 UK

Luckily this has all changed and buying a top quality Bluetooth speakers doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Infact, there are quite a few high quality Bluetooth speakers you can buy for under £100 in the UK. With that in mind, Here are our top 8 picks for the best Bluetooth speakers under £100.



Audio Dynamix PULSE V4i

Audio Dynamixx Pulse V4i

The Pulse V4i delivers what its name suggests: a dynamic audio performance that will bring dialogues and music to life. Audio Dynamix has proven once again that it knows what it takes to achieve hi-fi audio quality with a device that you can easily chuck in your bag or use in the garden.

Packed inside a sleek brushed aluminium and stainless steel body you’ll find two powerful extra wide drivers for loud (as in 14 Watts loud) sound, an upgraded motor system with 25 core magnets for punchy bass, 3D sound enhancement technology, and aptX codecs for a CD-like audio performance.

More importantly, this complex set of high-end technology is presented in a user-friendly format that makes pairing and making the most of its key functionalities a breeze.

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Sony SRSX33


With the SRSX33, Sony clearly brings together its expertise in cutting-edge technology without losing its focus on creating enjoyable products that are easy to use. At first sight, this portable speaker may not look like anything special, but the genius is in the details -or in this case, in the technical specifications.

The SRSX33 packs a fine selection of Sony’s proprietary audio enhancement technology, such as Clear Audio+, which allows you to adjust the speaker’s sound settings with a single touch so that you enjoy an optimised and fully customised listening experience.

An S-Master digital amplifier is built into this Bluetooth speaker to preserve the clarity of the original audio source, and DSEE HX technology ensures that even compressed audio files are reproduced with astonishing hi-fi quality.

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Creative Muvo 2

creative muvo 2

The Creative Muvo 2 Bluetooth speaker is very lightweight IPX65 rated water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. It’s a solidly built portable speaker that has 2 full range speaker drivers in addition to a passive subwoofer that work seamlessly to deliver high quality audio with a very deep bass response.

This portable speaker has some very useful and user-friendly features including a MicroSD slot, the ability to use the speaker in USB mode (play music from your laptop or PC using a standard USB cable) and the added option to link two of these speakers for a truly immersive stereo experience.

Playback time is a very generous 10 hours from its rechargeable 2200mAh battery and it also uses the latest Bluetooth technology (v4.2) which does an excellent job of providing a stable audio streaming experience.

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The Sharkk Commando is a mid-range Bluetooth speaker designed to outdoor use and combining optimal audio quality with a sturdy and unique design and a top-of-the-line battery life. This boombox is solidly built and has been reinforced with a mix of soft and hard plastic materials for unbeatable durability, and an IP65 rating means that you can take this speaker with you everywhere without worrying about damage caused by water and dust particles.

On the technical side of things, two front-facing speakers deliver a combined output of 10 Watts. You can customise sound settings with a tri-band equaliser that allows you to enjoy optimal stereo sound in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Moving onto battery life, the Commando gives you up to 24 hours of continuous use when fully charged, or approximately half of that when used at maximum volume. But that’s not all you get, because thanks to a built-in high-capacity powerbank, this speaker unit doubles as a portable source of power for all your USB devices. And to finish it off, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC technologies make for a fuss-free pairing experience and ensure that the connection between devices remains strong.

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iQualTech Mega Bass

iQualTech Mega Bass Bluetooth Speaker

Elegant design, a smooth but powerful audio performance, and a rechargeable battery that gives you up to 10 hours of 3D sound: the iQualTech Mega Bass has everything you would expect from one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 pounds.

If first impressions matter to you, you will most likely be satisfied with how this wireless speaker unit looks. iQualTech has given this gadget some nice touches that add to its visual appeal, including a padded anti-slip base made of quality silicone and an aluminium body featuring rounded edges and a matte finish. With a total weight of 26 ounces and dimensions of 7.7 x 2.2 x 2.4 inches, the Mega Bass is best suited to indoor use and will look great as part of your home sound system set-up.

Once paired, this speaker can add a new dimension to the tracks in your music library with its deep but balanced handling of bass notes. With 20 Watts of RMS output, the Mega Bass is capable of filling a medium-sized room with rich and detailed sound. Hands-free call answering is also supported.

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UE ROLL Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for powerful sound on the go and exceptionally creative design? If so, the UE Roll ticks all the boxes. It is almost impossible not to be impressed by its unique flying-saucer-like shape and incredibly low weight (just over 11 ounces). In fact, the UE Roll has been touted as the smallest portable speaker available in the market today and in 2015 it won an award for being among the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 pounds.

This speaker is manufactured by Logitech and comes in a range of vibrant colour combinations. Moreover, being fully waterproof means that this is the perfect companion for road trips, days out on the beach, or camping excursions. All in all, you can look forward to 9 hours on non-stop music and to a reliable Bluetooth connection with a maximum range of 65 feet, which is rather impressive considering the reduced dimensions of this wireless speaker.

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, the UE Roll comes with a dedicated app that ensures your speaker will always receive the latest tech updates and that your music sounds as it’s meant to do regardless of source format or operating system.

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Sharkk ²O

SHARKK 2O Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Sharkk knows how to deliver quality sound from durable, rugged speakers, and for this reason the SHARKK ²O ranks highly as one of the best Bluetooth speakers under £100 in the UK. The powerful dual 4W speakers pack a heavy punch, giving off those clear highs and deep bass you’ve come to expect from Sharkk products.

Featuring the longest Bluetooth range you’re likely to find from any other speaker, the 100-foot connectivity ensures you’ll get completely uninterrupted music. Whether you take it into another room or pass it around at a pool party, you’ll fall in love with this ultra-portable speaker.

The SHARKK ²O is constructed using a rubberized coating which has an IP67 rating which makes it dustproof, shockproof and it can even submerged up to a depth of one meter for a maximum of 30 minutes, so don’t let anything get in the way of listening to your tunes, be it in the shower or at the beach. And if you get worried about your smartphone or tablet getting too close to the action, the SHARKK ²O also has a MicroSD slot to play music from, so you can leave your devices well out of the splash zone.

The high capacity 2200mAh rechargeable battery can easily last up to 8 hours and to make sure it does – SHARKK have also added a cool little feature to this waterproof speaker. If you accidentally leave the it on the battery saving function will kick-in after 10 minutes and the speaker will turn off on its own, so its guaranteed to have enough juice when you need it again.

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Sharkk Mako


Sharkk has done it again with the Mako Bluetooth speaker. Delivering superior quality stereo sound, the powerful 20W speakers have been put through rigorous tests to withstand any environment you put it in. With an IP67 rating, the Mako is dustproof and waterproof, and can even be submerged without incurring any damage.

The 4400-mAh battery provides up to 12 hours of consecutive playing time on a single charge and can supply emergency power to any USB device via its built-in power bank. The LED power and charging status indicator lets you know when the battery is getting low on power, and the LED button backlights are activated by thermal sensor.

Using Advanced Maxx Bass Technology, this speaker puts out a deep, thumping bass that will get heads bopping and toes tapping from the first kick. You can connect via Bluetooth 4.0, NFC functionality or the AUX port, and all support Siri and S-Voice in order to allow easy hands-free calling with the built-in microphone. Sharkk is committed to offering premium products that maintain the highest standards, and it really shows in the Mako Bluetooth speaker.

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Most of the Bluetooth speakers listed above fall well under £100

If you are looking for great quality sound without breaking the bank, these featured products are some of the best Bluetooth speakers under 100 pounds. They all offer amazing value for money, packed with premium features while remaining essentially affordable.

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