Best Wireless Headphones for TV 2017

As the quality of our home digital entertainment steadily improves, so wireless headphones for TV are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, with some of the latest headphone sets boasting state-of-the-art features. It’s now possible to enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies in uncompromising full-spectrum audio/visual quality, completely undisturbed, and at whatever volume level you choose.

Wireless TV Headphones

If you’re planning to explore, or upgrade to the convenience of cable-free listening and are thus researching the best wireless headphones for TV, all the information you need is here. The aim of this page is to help you make an informed choice when choosing the best headphones for watching TV, here you’ll find our top 5 picks along with an overview of the features you should look for and a quick buying section filled with tips and pointers to consider when buying.


Geemarc CL7400 Wireless TV Headphones

Though clearly an advantage to anyone with mild to severe hearing loss, these feature-rich wireless headphones for TV are easy to use and will enhance TV listening and viewing for everyone. For example, the ability to pair an unlimited number of headsets to the transmitter base, coupled with CD-quality sound which can be set to a different level for each amplified headset, will appeal to families and others with diverse listening requirements.

Geemarc CL7400 Wireless Headphones for TV

Other similarly versatile features include individually adjustable bass and treble frequencies, stereo balance control, broad analogue connectivity with TVs and other devices, a transmission range of 50 metres, up to eight hours continuous use, and automatic recharging via a dual-function transmitter base/docking cradle. The CL7400 headphone set is a discreet and elegant solution for those who appreciate the audio clarity it provides.

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Sennheiser RS120 II RF TV Headphones

These stylish and well-designed RS120 II RF headphones for watching TV are manufactured by Sennheiser, audio brand leaders over many decades. Featuring an ‘open-back’ design, they offer a natural well-balanced sound which ensures good audio separation without the total isolation of closed-back designs.

Sennheiser RS120 II RF Wireless Headphones for TV

Their bass frequency response is strong, which makes them a good choice for a broad range of music styles as well as for TV listening applications. Because these RS120 II RF headphones use radio-frequencies for transmitting audio signals, they have a range of 150 metres, making them a viable total-freedom option in larger spaces, and also very useful for those who like to listen in the garden.

Comfortable and ultra-lightweight, these easy-charge RS120 II RF headphones automatically recharge when replaced in their multi-function transmit/dock/charge base.

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Lindy WHF-45 TV Headphones

Lindy’s WHF-45 wireless TV headphones feature 2.4GHz wireless technology which will allow you the freedom to listen wirelessly to your favourite TV shows, or music tracks, over a range of 50 metres. These headphones have lightweight circum-aural (closed-back) earpieces which are well-padded to guarantee they remain comfortable during periods of extended use.

Lindy WHF 45 Wireless Headphones for TV

Audio performance is handled via high-quality 30-mm drivers which deliver a pleasing clarity right across the audio spectrum. Boasting good connectivity, the compact Lindy transmitter has an analogue port for wired connection to audio sources, plus an on-board USB DAC digital-to-analogue conversion system to access PC audio content via USB.

Designed to fold away neatly when not in use, the transmitter is mains-powered and comes with its own power supply unit, whilst the Lindy WHF-45 headset is powered by two AAA batteries which give up to ten hours use.

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Thomson WHP3001BK

With Thomson’s WHP3001BK wireless TV headphones, audio signals are transmitted via radio frequencies – a process which is seamlessly handle by a built-in auto-tune function. As a result, these WHP3001BK headphones can be used with an extended range of 100 metres, though this drops back to 20-30 metres inside buildings.

Thomson WHP3001BK Wireless TV Headphones


The comfortable amplified headset, which has well-cushioned earpieces and a padded elasticated headband for extended listening, includes a volume control for convenient adjustment of audio levels. A neat docking cradle also functions as a charging unit, and these WHP3001BK headphones give up to eight hours continuous use from one single charge.

Amplifying power is supplied via two (included) AAA batteries, and battery power can be switched on/off from a power button on the headset which has an integrated LED showing battery status.

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Sennheiser HD 65

Whilst searching for the best wireless headphones for TV, it may well be worth comparing closely related products. Though not a wireless option, these Sennheiser HD 65 headphones for watching TV and movies come with a long 5.2-metre audio cable, and are specifically designed by Sennheiser as TV headphones.

Sennheiser HD65 TV Headphones

Featuring a closed-back design which eliminates external noise, these HD 65s connect directly to your TV. The connecting cable has an integrated two-channel volume control which, if you prefer, allows the level of left and right stereo signals to be set independently.

As well as removing ambient noise to enhance your listening, the closed-back design also prevents sound-leakage, allowing you to enjoy the superb audio performance delivered by the HD 65’s lightweight diaphragms and powerful neodymium magnets at any volume you choose, without disturbing others.

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Overview of features and performance

With wireless TV headphones, adopting a cordless lifestyle once meant having to accept poor sound quality and weak signals. However, the advent of Smart TVs and Home Cinemas, spurred on by advances in micro-electronics and the movement towards high-quality multi-function devices, has prompted the development of a new generation of headphones for watching TV.

Premium brands favor transmission of audio signals via Bluetooth, or their own patented wireless system, whereas more affordable brands use infra-red, or radio-frequency transmission. A Bluetooth or full-wireless system gives the best audio quality, sometimes rivaling the performance of comparably priced wired systems.

Though there is a reduction in audio quality, radio and infra-red transmission nevertheless offers the considerable benefit of decent long-range reception. Many systems come with a docking cradle which also recharges the headphone set, and all should provide enough battery life to see you through an entire evenings’ viewing.

Cordless headphones are made from lightweight materials, making them comfortable to wear, and high-end headphone sets will also have fully adjustable headbands and ultra-soft ear-pads to further increase wearer comfort and allow sets to be worn for longer periods, for example, when watching full-length movies.

Which wireless headphones for TV?

Though price is an important consideration which often determines the performance you can expect from wireless headphones for TV, purchasing a headphone set which offers the features you really want to use is the priority.

For example, you may wish to enjoy your regular TV show whilst doing household chores, or even whilst relaxing outside in the garden. If these, or similar, scenarios apply, you may well decide generous long-range reception wins out over sound quality.

On the other hand, the Bluetooth access offered by upmarket brands allows your headphones to synchronise with any Bluetooth-enabled device, meaning you could also use them to stay in touch with your digital world, and for a host of home- and mobile-audio applications.

Yet again, audiophiles and home-cinema buffs may demand totally uncompressed audio to capture each and every performance detail, and will certainly wish to explore audio enhancements such as Surround-Sound technology, which place the listener at the very heart of the action. No doubt these listeners will also need well-padded headphone sets to sustain them through long, late-night viewing sessions.

So, our advice is to take time considering what kind of wireless lifestyle you want to achieve and use this information to prioritise your must-have features to guide your final choice.

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