Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphone Review

The Bluedio T2S Bluetooth headphones up for review today is a lightweight and inexpensive headphone set designed for music enthusiasts who want a decent audio experience without spending too much.

It’s sleek and compact design, huge battery life and overall comfort makes this one of the best wireless headphones you can buy under £20.

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphone Review

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Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphone – What’s in the box?

  • Bluedio T2S Bluetooth headphone set
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • A 3.5mm aux cable (approximately 1.5m long)
  • Instruction manual

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones – Design

Bluedio claims to have spent 2 years developing these Bluetooth headphones, and you can tell that their hard work paid off as soon as you hold them in your hands. At just over 220g, the set feels lightweight but well built. Most of the headphone is made from a hard but very lightweight plastic and the circular ear cups have a generous amount of soft padding on the inside.

The combination of pleather and lightweight plastic makes it very comfortable to wear. Volume / track control is also easy thanks to a set of buttons placed along the side of right ear cup. The ear cups can be folded 195° which reduces the dimensions to nearly half.

The headband is padded and expandable, and its width is more than sufficient to guarantee a comfortable and stable fit. Speaking of comfort, the headband’s textured leatherette comes with ventilation holes, which come in handy if you are planning to use these headphones outdoors or for long periods of time.

Bluedio T2S Turbine Shooting Brake Headphone

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones – Audio Quality

The Bluedio T2S is fitted with extra wide speaker drivers. At 57mm each, these are possibly the widest drivers you will find in a pair of budget wireless headphones. As a result, audio output is generally good, with heavy bass, balanced mids and mild treble.

While the T2S may not satisfy audiophiles looking for detailed sound, overall these headphones yield a finely tuned audio performance that stays balanced – although there was slight distortion when the volume was turned all the way up.

The T2S have a sensitivity rating of 110dB, which is rather on the higher end of the scale and goes a long way producing clear sound. Lastly, a relatively low impedance rating (16 ohms) means that these headphones can deliver powerful sound while using very little battery power (see the Battery Life section for more details).

Bluedio T2S Turbine Shooting Brake Headphone Review

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones – Comfort Test

For me, comfort is the number one factor to consider when buying a pair of headphones. I’m a firm believer that you can have the most expensive headphones on the market but if it’s not comfortable no one’s going to wear them. As with all the headphones reviewed here at British Sounds, I like to do an overall comfort test to see how long it takes for a headphone to get uncomfortable.

I’m pleased to say that the Bluedio T2S, with its generous amount of padding does a wonderful job at providing a very comfortable listening experience. I had these on for well over 3 hours today and felt very little discomfort, comfort wise I would rate this right up there with my Creative Outlier headphones which is about four times the price of the Bluedio T2S.

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones – Connectivity Options

Although these Bluedio headphones are marketed as a wireless Bluetooth headphone set, they can also be used in wired mode, offering great value for money and versatility. Wireless sound is delivered via the headphone’s Bluetooth v4.1 profile, which offers faster data transfers, reliable pairing and fewer chances of experiencing interference with 4G signals.

Switching to wired mode only requires plugging the headphone to the device of your choice using the 3.5mm cable provided.

Bluedio T2S Turbine Shooting Brake Headphones

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphones – Battery Life

Long-lasting battery life is where these Bluedio headphones really excel. The T2S come with a built-in battery that can be easily recharged in less than 2 hours using the micro USB cable provided.

Once fully charged, the Bluedio T2S give you an impressive 40 hours of continuous playtime (or 45 hours of talk time when the hands-free call function is in use). Standby time is particularly noteworthy at over 1,600 hours, which roughly translates into 2 months. This is definitely a step above what other budget headphones can offer.

Bluedio T2S Bluetooth Headphone Set – Main Features

XL speaker drivers – Two 57mm-wide drivers deliver powerful sound even at low and mid volume levels.

Compact design -These Bluedio headphones are lightweight and foldable – ideal if you are looking to enjoy your favourite music on the go.

Extraordinary battery life – Daily charging is a thing of the past, as these headphones let you enjoy up to 40 hours of non-stop music.

Hands-free call support – These headphones double as a hands-free call kit thanks to their built-in pinhole microphone.


If you’re on a limited budget and don’t want to choose between form and function, the Bluedio T2S Bluetooth headphones are definitely worth considering since they stand out in terms of sleek design, multiple connectivity options and above-average battery life. All things considered, these are one of the best budget Bluetooth headphone sets available to UK consumers right now.


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