Creative Flex Headphones Review

Up for review today is the newly released Creative Flex Headphones, these lightweight budget headphones come with 4 interchangeable colour tabs to mix and match, an in-line microphone for taking calls, and best of all it doesn’t need recharging – EVER.

Creative Flex Headphones Review

Priced at just under £30 (at time of writing) these wired headphones fall directly into the crowded “budget headphones” category. But, surprisingly enough – it does come with a few extra creative touches which should help to set it apart from the rest.

Creative Flex Design and Build

Just like the other Creative products we’ve reviewed, the Flex comes in a nicely packaged see through plastic and cardboard box with all the essential product info plastered along the cardboard sleeve on the bottom. As always, first class packaging from Creative.

Straight out the box, these feel really sturdy and unbelievably lightweight. The Creative Flex headphones weigh just under 136g total, it’s not the lightest I’ve seen so far but it’s definitely up there among the lightest I’ve reviewed in the past year or so.

Creative Flex Headphone Colours

The interchangeable colour tabs included in the box are a really nice touch which adds an extra bit of colour to the overall design. Just slide it off and choose your desired colour or if you prefer the all black natural look just slide it off and leave it – just don’t try lifting them off like I did.

Creative have marketed the Flex headphones as an easy to transport set that doesn’t require much storage space, and judging from what I’ve seen so far – that’s exactly what they are. It folds up really neat, so if you’re lugging around an already heavy backpack or camping bag these would be perfect for you.

Engineered for music on the go, the earcups can be folded for easy, convenient storage. Its compact design fits easily into almost any bag without taking up too much space.

There’s a generous amount of cable as well so if you’re planning on using this with a mobile phone that’s in your pocket there should be more than enough cable to do so comfortably. There’s also an in-line microphone and control button just beneath the left ear cup that allows you to take phone calls when necessary.

Creative Flex Headphones

Creative Flex Audio

The audio quality really exceeded my expectations considering the Flex is technically a budget pair of headphones, under the hood you’ve got two 32mm Neodymium drivers that really do live up to description on Creative’s website. The overall volume level is pretty decent, now I know some people like it really loud and bassy even though it’s literally on their ears – if you’re one of those people then I’m sorry to say this might not be for you.

Personally, I like my ears and I’ve got big plans for them in the future. If you share a similar opinion then the Creative Flex headphones should be perfect for you, its moderate bass presence and rich detailed output really does provide a smooth and comfortable listening experience.

Creative Flex Headphones UK

Phone calls: Taking calls with the Flex is as easy as it gets, just press the button below the microphone and it will connect automatically, when the call ends it will start playing straight away again – this works even if you’re watching Youtube or other videos. The microphone is very sensitive, I really appreciate the fact that I don’t need to hold the microphone right up to my mouth during Skype calls.

Creative Flex Comfort

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my other headphone reviews, I’m not really a big fan of wearing any type of headphone for too long, it just hurts my ears after about 30-45 minutes – I don’t know why but it just does. The leatherette padding on these headphones are really good, there’s a generous amount of cushion and the material didn’t make me get sweaty ears like some of the other headphones I’ve used.

Creative Flex

Time wise, I managed to wear these for about an hour and a half without any discomfort at all and considering I normally get about 45 minutes tops from my other headphones, an hour and a half is a massive improvement. The headband as well is pretty comfortable, it isn’t too tight and restrictive – it feels more like a snug fit without any added pressure on my ears. So, based on that I’m going to have to give the overall comfort a well deserved thumbs up.

Creative Flex Verdict

All in all, the Creative Flex wired headphones proved to be a solid performer in the budget range, its lightweight and compact design along with its smooth audio playback makes these headphones the perfect companion for music lovers who are constantly on the go. Nothing less than what you’d expect from a brand like Creative.

Creative Flex Headphone Review

Where to Buy

At time of writing the Creative Flex wired headphones were available at for £29.99 and at Creative’s main website for £29.99. Click here to check current Amazon price or click here to check Creative’s website for their latest price.

  • Build Quality
  • Audio Quality
  • Comfort
  • Price


A super lightweight pair of wired headphones that balances top quality audio with a comfortable design - all that and more in a very affordable package. Highly recommended for the budget conscious music lover.


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