Creative NUNO Bluetooth Speaker Review

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all in terms of looks and eye candy effect, the Creative NUNO Bluetooth speaker lands on our table for review. This uniquely designed portable speaker along with its younger sibling (the NUNO Micro) are the two latest budget Bluetooth speakers to hit the market – just in time for Christmas I’d say.

Creative NUNO Bluetooth Speaker Review

Creative NUNO
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It’s clear to see that Creative have gone all out to create a portable speaker that features a totally unique design from everything else on the market right now, the design of the Creative NUNO Bluetooth speaker is simply stunning and it shows that it is possible for a budget Bluetooth speaker to look and sound better than speakers at twice its price tag.


Creative NUNO Design

As you can see from the images, there’s nothing typical about the design of the Creative NUNO Bluetooth speaker. While the overall rectangular shape is nothing new, the fabric finish and attention to detail is what really makes this wireless speaker stand out from the rest.

Creative NUNO Review

Creative were spot on when they described the NUNO’s design as minimalist and simplistic, I can see this blending into any living room or bedroom with ease. And, considering it weighs only 13.4oz and measures in at 7.1(L)x2.5(H)x2.3(D) – you should have no problem getting this portable speaker from room to room.

The fabric finish and attention to detail is what really makes this wireless speaker stand out from the rest.

The top bottom panels are made from a grey hard plastic material, these blend exceptionally well with the cloth finish. At the bottom you’ve got two rubber feet for stability while playing and a centered sticker with the manufacturing details and serial number. Sitting at the back are the input ports, here you’ll find the power button, the charging port and an AUX port.

Creative NUNO Speaker Review

On the top panel you’ll find all the NUNO’s five function buttons, these include the volume down button, the volume up button, the previous track button, the play/pause button (also used for Bluetooth connections and speakerphone functions like answering and rejecting calls) and the skip forward button.

The fact that there are dedicated buttons for volume controls and track skipping is a massive bonus, I use portable speakers on a daily basis and still find it really annoying when I try to increase the volume and end up skipping the track instead. So, a big thumbs up to Creative for that – I’m sure most people (including myself) will appreciate it.

Creative NUNO Audio

First off, this portable speaker isn’t going to replace any dedicated setup you’ve got at home. Like with all other portable speakers there are limitations to what you should expect. The volume level straight out the box is really good, crank it all the way up and it can easily fill most living rooms – even at 80% volume I could hear what was playing from upstairs.

Vocals in particular were crisp and clean throughout the volume levels but as you might imagine there wasn’t a great deal of bass. This is one of the areas where most portable speakers of this size normally fall short but considering its small and lightweight design, the NUNO does a fairly good job with the lows.


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Creative NUNO Connectivity

Connectivity wise you’ve got two standard options, Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR for wireless streaming and an AUX port for wired connections. Even though it’s not the latest version Bluetooth like with the Creative Muvo 2 we recently reviewed, there’s hardly any difference in signal quality and performance when used within the recommended 10m range. No stutters or drop outs to report so far even with an older iPad and an iPhone 4.

Creative NUNO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The AUX port is as easy as it gets, just plug in a 3.5mm cable from any music device into the AUX port and it will switch to wired mode automatically and start playing. You’ll need to buy this separately though as none is provided in the box, this one in particular is really good if you’re interested.

Creative NUNO Battery Life

There’s a built-in 1050mAh lithium battery which according to the user manual should give an average playback time of up to 6 hours. I think I’d have to agree with some of the Creative NUNO reviews out there and say that 6 hours is a bit on the lower side even for a speaker in the budget range. It’s still a respectable playback time but normally I’d like at least 8 hours so I’m guaranteed at least 2 days (4 hours each) before having to recharge.

Creative NUNO Wireless Speaker

Just like the last Creative speaker I’ve reviewed, the battery testing part of the review was done in two phases to check both wireless and wired playback times. Firstly, using the Bluetooth connection I was able to get 6 hours and 17minutes from a full charge cycle when used at 70% volume. As you would expect from a wired connection, the playback time was slightly better – I got 6 hours and 41minutes at the same 70% volume.

Creative NUNO Specs

Playback Time Up to 6 Hours
Battery Charge Time 3-4 Hours
Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR
Built-in Mic Yes
Water Resistance None


The Creative NUNO Bluetooth speaker is hands down one of the best looking Bluetooth speaker on the market right now, its stunning design profile along with its smooth and rich audio playback makes this one of our favourite in the budget Bluetooth speaker range for sure.

Creative NUNO
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Disclaimer: The Creative NUNO Bluetooth speaker review sample was given to me free of charge for my honest review and opinions. All the opinions expressed in this review are my own and they were in no way influenced by the maker of this product.

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A uniquely designed portable speaker that looks at home in any environment, the Creative NUNO Bluetooth speaker would make the perfect Christmas gift for any audio enthusiast who is a perfectionist as well.


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