Panasonic RP-WF950EB-S Wireless Headphone with Surround Sound Review

The Panasonic RP-WF950EB-S wireless headphone set is a great choice for a host of home and office applications. An affordable option for gamers, or watching TV, their 100-metre range makes these headphones a great choice for gardeners too. A convenient auto-tune feature eliminates set-up problems and a Surround Sound option is available to enhance your audio experience.

Panasonic RP WF950EB S Wireless-Headphone with Surround sound

Enhanced audio

With its frequency range of 18Hz-22kHz, the Panasonic WF950 wireless headphone for TV offers a well-rounded audio performance of consistent quality. In addition, these headphones have a surround sound feature which should appeal to home-cinema users or anyone else who wishes to enjoy an enhanced audio experience whilst watching TV.

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Designed for listening

This neat, silver-coloured Panasonic WF950 wireless TV headphone set features lightweight construction, an adjustable double headband and soft earpads to give listeners maximum comfort whilst listening to their favourite music or TV shows. And the accompanying transmission unit is also designed to be used as a handy docking station to keep your headphones neatly stored and ready for your next listening session.

Cordless convenience

With a 100-metre range, the Panasonic WF950 wireless headphone for TV will allow you to enjoy a new cordless-audio lifestyle. The transmitter unit also doubles as a handy charging cradle so your headphones will always be ready and available whenever and wherever you choose to listen to music or TV. And with headphone access you no longer have to worry about disturbing others if you fancy a spot of late-night listening or TV viewing, no matter what volume level you select.

Panasonic RP WF950EB S Wireless Headphone

Connect and go

When setting up a wireless connection, a handy auto-tune facility means your Panasonic WF950 headphones will connect automatically to the transmitter base station. The final step is just to decide which TV, home-cinema, Hi-Fi or other home audio source you wish to access and connect to your transmitter using a 3.5-mm audio cable.

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Battery life

Keeping your Panasonic WF950 headphones fully charged is easy because the transmitter unit also acts as a docking and charging cradle so your headphones will be recharged as necessary and just one single charge will give you between 15 and 20 hours of continuous listening enjoyment.

Main features:

  • Surround-sound system.
  • Auto-tune switch.
  • Transmitter/battery-charge cradle included.
  • Frequency response 18Hz-22kHz
  • FM transmission.
  • Up to 100m range – even though wall and floors.
  • Headset volume feature.
  • Fully-adjustable headband.


After using wired headphones for some time, I purchased this wonderful wireless TV headphone set for two reasons: late-night TV listening and listening to music in my garden. This product has been ideal for both tasks – even at the end of the garden 60 feet away! These headphones are easy to set up inside five minutes – just plug in, insert into appliance headphone jack and hit the tuning button; done.

Sound quality is truly excellent and I really like the surround sound function. I also use them with my iPod docking speakers and they are absolutely brilliant. There is no hiss or distortion, even when taken up to maximum gain, and my CD’s and TV sounds are now much enhanced.

The headphones are made from lightweight material which makes them very comfortable to wear. Battery life is a good 15 hours and there is an ample range of 100 metres. Well done Panasonic for a great affordable headphone set which is excellent value for money. Highly recommended for anyone.

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