SoundPEATS P4 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Today we’ve got the SoundPEATS P4 Bluetooth speaker up for review, this 10W wireless speaker features a 360° fabric coating design that’s easy on the eyes and on the wallet. With a 10M wireless range and a 6-8 hours playback time, you’ll never be out of touch with your music once you’ve tried the P4 Bluetooth speaker.

soundpeats p4 bluetooth speaker

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1Design and Build Quality

The P4 measures in at 6.85 x 2.83 x 2.83 inches and weighs only 510g, the perfect size and weight I’d say – even for people with small hands. I’m looking at the SoundPEATS P4 Bluetooth speaker right now and one word comes to mind – simplistic. Its cylindrical shape might not be anything new, but the fact that SoundPEATS have gotten rid of all the push buttons you’d normally find on top is pretty impressive.

Soundpeats P4 Speaker

On top you’ll find the Bluetooth status indicator light along with the volume and track skipping controls. The “usual” volume buttons have been replaced by a turn dial, to set the volume you’ll need to turn the dial clockwise to increase or anti-clockwise to decrease.

This is the first Bluetooth speaker we’ve reviewed with this feature and it’s something we really like – just because it’s different. Skipping a track is just as easy, just slide forward or slide backwards on the marked surface to skip or go back to the track you want.

The main enclosure has a nice fabric finish which wraps all the way around the speaker and gives it a premium look and feel. At the bottom rear of the speaker there’s a standard AUX in port (AUX cable included in package) along with a micro USB charging port (Micro USB cable included in package).

soundpeats p4 bluetooth speaker review

The one thing I didn’t like about the design of this speaker is the location of the power button which sits at the base, you’ll need to flip it up every time to power it on and off – I would have preferred to see the power button somewhere on either side of the base or maybe under the logo.


soundpeats p4The P4 has a very good volume level and to be honest I was very much surprised by the quality of the sound even though it does lack a bit in the bass department.

It has clear mids and crisp highs with absolutely no distortion at all no matter how high we turned it up.

The clarity you get at full volume is simply outstanding and the 360° sound effect really does make a big difference when you’re listening to music in a small room.

All in all, the audio quality you get is very fulfilling for a device of this size and price point.

3Features and Specs

Bluetooth 4.1 – The SoundPEATS P4 Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth 4.1 for wireless audio streaming, I’ve been using the P4 for the last week and there’s absolutely nothing to fault when it comes to connectivity and streaming quality. Not a single drop out even when used in different rooms, it connects in a few seconds and keeps a solid connection within the 10m range.

2000mAh battery – According to their product page, the P4 has an estimated battery life of 6-8 hours depending on volume level. This estimate was exactly what I got at 90% volume – just over 6 and a half hours from a full charge which took just over 4 hours.

SoundPeats P4 Specs

Built-in Mic – The P4 can also be used as a speakerphone. I’m never going to be a fan of using a speaker to take phone calls, I think it’s weird and it just looks funny whenever someone is trying to speak into a Bluetooth speaker. With that in mind I still gave it a go and the audio quality was nearly perfect so much so that the person on the other side had no idea I was using a speaker.

AUX input – If you don’t have Bluetooth enabled device you’ll still be able to use the SoundPEATS P4 Bluetooth speaker, just plug in the included 3.5mm cable into your device and it will detect and go into wired mode automatically – no setup required just plug and play.


The SoundPEATS P4 Bluetooth speaker would make an ideal companion for anyone looking to upgrade their audio experience on a budget. All in all, there’s nothing negative I can say about this portable speaker, it’s lightweight, the audio quality is spot on and the overall build quality is excellent. The only thing I could think of is the power button location but that’s just my personal preference and I’m sure most people probably won’t even care.

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  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Audio Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Price


The SoundPEATS P4 Bluetooth speaker would make an ideal companion for anyone looking to upgrade their audio experience on a budget.


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