VTIN 20W Punker Bluetooth Speaker Review

The VTIN 20W Punker Bluetooth speaker is the latest gadget to hit our table for review. This is an IPX4 rated water resistant Bluetooth speaker with a very generous 4400mAh battery that provides up to 25 hours of continuous audio playback from a single full charge cycle.

VTIN 20W Punker Bluetooth Speaker

VTIN Punker - IPX4
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1What’s in the Box

This VTIN 20W Bluetooth speaker ships in the standard brown box that’s common these days, smart move considering this is a budget Bluetooth speaker. Inside you’ll find the VTIN Punker speaker, a USB charging cable, an AUX cable, a hook for transporting the speaker and the user manual and setup instructions.

2VTIN Punker Design

VTIN 20W Speaker ReviewMeasuring in at 181mm(W)x55mm(D)x71mm(H), the punker isn’t the smallest nor is it the biggest portable speaker in the under £25 price category.

At first glance the speaker looks robust and well made. It weighs around 438g which is a bit on the heavier side but I’m guessing this is pretty much down to the 4400mAh battery, 2x55mm speaker drivers and the passive subwoofer under the hood.

The speaker drivers and subwoofer are protected by a black metal grille both at the front and at the back, these are well complimented by the silicone wrapping that goes all the way around the top and bottom panel.

The function buttons are all located at the top of the speaker, these include the power on/off button, the volume up/next track button, the play/pause/speakerphone button and finally the volume down/next track button.

USB charging and AUX input ports are both at the left side of the speaker behind a protective rubber cap. Overall, the matt finish with silver accents is very pleasing to the eye.

3VTIN Punker Audio

VTIN definitely weren’t exaggerating when they said this speaker is LOUD. As with all my wireless speakers, the first thing I tend to do is crank the volume all the way up to gauge just how loud it can get and I have to say I was very much impressed with the overall volume level this speaker can achieve.

VTIN Punker Review

The Punker’s audio quality was equally as impressive, clear and detailed sound with plenty of warm bass. For me, the audio quality remained crisp and clear until I cranked the volume all the way up, sometimes there was just a bit too much bass at maximum volume so I’d happily set this to 80-90% which is still very loud for a portable speaker.

Speakerphone testing: This Punker 20W speaker also has a built-in mic for taking calls, I’ve managed to use this feature once so far and it worked without any hiccups.  On the other end, I was told that there was just a faint background noise – hardly noticeable.

VTIN Punker - IPX4
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VTIN 20W Punker Speaker Review

4VTIN Punker Battery Life

This is one of the areas where the VTIN Punker really does go above and beyond conventional budget Bluetooth speakers. According to the VTIN Punker manual, you should be able to get 25 hours from a single charge if the speaker is used at 70%.

I’ve been using this speaker pretty much all afternoon at around the 80% mark and it still seems to be going strong (I will update this when the battery finally dies). It’s got a 4400mAh battery so this could take a while.

Update – I’ve been using the Punker for almost a week now and it finally needs charging. I was able to get approximately 19-21 hours at the 80% volume mark – very pleased with that.

5VTIN Punker Connectivity

Connecting wirelessly to the VTIN Punker 20W speaker is quick and pretty straight forward. Just switch on your mobile phone’s Bluetooth and wait for it to find the speaker. After about 4 seconds your phone should display “VTIN PUNKER” in the available connections list, just click it and you’re connected – you’ll only need to do this once as the speaker remembers the last device you’ve paired with and automatically reconnects.

VTIN 20W Punker Bluetooth Speaker Review

The maximum wireless range for this speaker is around 10m, I’ve been pushing it a little over 10m and as you would expect there was a fair bit of stuttering, but anything below the 10m was absolute fine – no problems at all with signal degradation.

Apart from Bluetooth, this speaker offers a wired connection option via the AUX input socket. For me, this is a feature that hardly gets used unless I’m trying to get a few more hours out of the speaker. The wired option worked straight out of the box “literally” as you would expect from a wired connection.

6VTIN Punker Specs

Dimensions 181 x 55 x 71mm
Speaker 20W (2x10W)
Playback Time Up to 25 Hours
Battery Capacity 4400mAh
Battery Charge Time 6-8 Hours
Bluetooth Version 4.0
Call Handling Yes
Wireless Range 10m
Water Resistance Rating IPX4

7Overall Thoughts

I’ve tried and tested quite a few portable speakers over the past few weeks and I can say without a doubt that this is one of my favourite. It’s really loud, I can take it outdoors without worrying about the elements and it has enough power for an entire day of music. All the essentials of a truly wonderful gadget – the one feature I would have really loved to see is a built-in power bank considering its battery capacity.

VTIN Punker - IPX4
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Disclaimer: The VTIN Punker Bluetooth speaker review sample was given to me free of charge for my honest review and opinions. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and it’s in no way influenced by the maker of this product.

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  • Build Quality
  • Audio Quality
  • Battery Life
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One of the loudest budget Bluetooth speakers available with an enormous battery life. If you're after an affordable audio powerhouse - this should definitely be on your list.


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